November 22, 2012

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Durian Cream Cake!!!!

Oh my GOSH! It's DURIAN season again!

Durian, was one of my favorite fruits when I was young. I love them with all of my heart! I dreamed of eating durian cake all the time... and decided to make durian cheese cake or whatever related to durian once I got leftover durian in my fridge. I ate it once before when I was still a child and now I couldn't forget them. I miss them :'(

Well, now that I have grown up, I am going to make them!! All of my family members love them with all of their hearts too. LOL. So, everytime when my dad brought durians home, all of us will surround the durians and eat as fast as we can. Sounds like hungry ghosts! xD

This Durian Cream Cake is the BEST BEST cake I ever had! And a cake to die for! I feel so proud of myself! And I feel so happy that my family also enjoy it very much. But too bad, the cake is not enough for us. Well I guess anything related to durian will never be enough? xD

I feel so sad to those who don't like durian, that they can't enjoy the goodness of durian. =( Some of my western game friends ever ask me about the taste and smell of the durian. For me, they are sort of a mix up of a very strong cheese with garlic. Am I right? 


See see see see see!

Okay, here's the recipe and you can start to make one for yourself today! There you GO!

8 Eggs (Separate egg yolk and egg white)
160g Sugar
160g Flour (Always sift the flour)
80g Corn oil

(*You can use any sponge cake recipe as you like.)

1. Beat egg whites in a clean bowl then gradually add in sugar with high speed until stiff.
3. Then, gently fold in flour by using spatula until it is well combined. Use hand whisk to whisk it for a while to make sure all the flour is combined.
4. Fold through the corn oil until it is well combined.
5. Bake at 180 celcius, 20-25minutes(Big oven) @ 150 celcius, 35 minutes(Small oven). Cool on wire racks. (Depends on your own oven.)
6. Once the layers have cooled, slice them in four.

650g Durian meat
200ml Whipping cream
1 Tbsp Sugar

1. Mix up durian meat and sugar and cook it for about 2 minutes. Stir it while you cook it. Put aside and wait for it to cool completely.
2. In another bowl, whip up the whipping cream until it forms a stiff peak.
3. Now, mix together the durian with the whipped cream until it is well combined.

Durian Cream Cake drives me and my family crazy!

November 13, 2012

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Roasted Sweet Tofu

Every time when I look at tofu, it reminded me of my mom's words.

"kai kai ar...Tofu can make your skin smooth and look silky white. Why don't you like to eat it? I can't seem to understand!"

"But mom, tofu is tasteless.", brother replied.

Tofu, a dish that I don't really like to eat too when I was a child. My brothers were worse, they don't even touch it. But after my mom's words, I started giving a chance to tofu and always believed that tofu can make my skin smooth and silky.(HAHAHA! Even thought I don't know if that is true or not. XD)

So, today is my Tofu adventure. I am going to cook it before I cook it for my brother to eat. You know what, when he looked at my baked tofu photo, he said, "Jie, why don't you cook tofu for me? They look so tempting!" Oh well, it seems like my baked tofu have 'touch' his heart.

This tofu recipe is not bad. I will definitely try it again. And you know, it's a great addition to salads! They are quite simple to cook and the ingredients can be easily acquired. Who doesn't love simple cook? 

One big block of Tofu
3 Tbsp Soy sauce
2 Tbsp Honey
2 Tbsp Ketchup
1/2 Tbsp Vinegar
1/2 Tbsp Rice Wine
1/2 Tsp minced garlic
1/4 Tsp ground pepper

Sesame seeds(For Decor)
(Roast the sesame seeds before you toss on the tofu as it will add more flavor.)

1. Preheat the oven to 190 Celsius.
2. Gently wash through the tofu with clean water. Cut it into dice size and let them sit on the paper towel to remove excess water for about 20 minutes.
2. Mix up all the remaining ingredients.
3. Pour the seasoning mixture to the tofu and let it marinate for about 10 minutes.
4. Put it on the baking sheet and toss on it with some sesame seeds. Bake it for 20 minutes.

NOTE: If you want to remove tofu from the baking paper (nicely and not broken), wait for it to cool down for sometime and gently remove it with the help of a spoon. Else your tofu will be broken. I swear!

November 07, 2012

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Roses Cake

grrrrrrrr...look at the bubbles!!

Okay, this is the first time I played with the cream in decor. 

Looks hard but actually it's not really that hard to do. You just need to do it over and over again. Yeah you know practice make perfect! ;) That's so true..........!

I have tried my best in the rose making. Yet, it still doesn't look really nice. Ish! And because I kept on practicing with the butter-cream, so the cream gets softer and softer. It's kinda challenging when making the rose petals with the soft butter-cream. I thought I can DO it...but no... 

There's one mistake I have made in this cake. That's the butter-cream! UNHAPPY with that!!! Do you see the many small bubbles? How to get rid of that? Can anybody tell me how? (sad..........T^T)

ps:/ I still love my leaves. ^_~

Supposed to be a lovely cake...but the bubbles!! Sigh....

Bubbles .___.

The leaves. <3


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