March 07, 2013

Easy Honey Lemon Drinks

It's been a while since I baked for Chinese New Year. 
And after Chinese New Year, I put on weight, A LOT! So, I think so far I won't be able to bake first...but making some 'snacks'.(Well said. =P) 

So, during Chinese New Year we may eat a lot of fried foods. That will heat up our body. And now I made this. This will help to cool down the body plus it can also cure fever and sore throat. 

6 Lemons
1000ml of Honey
Salt(According to taste)


1. Wet the lemon with a little bit of clean water and rub it with salt. (I left it aside for about 10 minutes.) Wash it up and dry it.

2. Slice the lemons and mix with honey. Put into a clean jar. Put into refrigerator at least 3 days.

***Note: Always use plastic spoon and not warm/hot water to make it as it will destroy the nutrient of the drinks.


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