May 26, 2013

Honeydew Ice Lollies

Guess which part I ate first? Head? no!! But his HAND!! :P

Lollies are an all time favorite. It's much more interesting if made on your own. I got this little cute mold in my cupboard for a long time (it's a FREE gift when I bought my Rebena ^^), hehe since I got honeydew at hand right now, I should try it and see which cutie come out from the mold.

I wish I can try mango but too bad it's not in season now! And I want strawberry as well! It's so fun making them. You can add in any fruits that you love so that the fruit lollies will looks more interesting and colorful! it's time to go and make as many lollies and make some friends and family happy! :D

1kg honeydew
100g icing sugar(adjust by yourself)
1 tbsp condensed milk (optional)

1. Wash and cut the fruit. Remove the seeds.
2. Blend together with the rest of ingredients in the blender.
3. Pour into the ice lolly maker. Place into the freezer until it is set.
4. When it is done, pour water at the bottom of ice lolly maker so that the ice can come out easily. ENJOY!


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