July 10, 2013

An easy way to make yogurt

Hey guys I am back to blog again! Gosh, been so so so busy with my real life recently! Anyway, today I am going to share with you a yogurt recipe which is very very easy to make.

Do you know you can make your own yogurt at home in just 10 minutes? And no machine is required? Yes! Believe your eyes dude! Before I learn baking I used to make yogurt all the time cause it is really easy. I don't really love store bought yogurt. They are too runny yet sweet and not much in it. And, they are quite costly when you want to use it for baking or cooking. For me, I prefer a sugarless but more sour yogurt. Just like Greek style yogurt.

Normally, When I make it, I wont add in extra sugar. It's depends on you actually. And, after I store it up, I prefer to store for at least 2 days or more cause I really love the thick texture. The longer you keep it, the thicker it will be. With so much yogurt, you can use it for salad dressing, or transform it into ice cream which I am going to try it out soon! ^^

By Quek

Produced 1 liter of Yogurt
Milk 1 liter(I used full cream milk)
Yogurt 1


1. Separate milk into 500ml each. Heat up 500ml of milk just to boil it. Another 500ml remains the same.

2. Now pour hot milk to another part of milk, stir it. Add in yogurt and stir again. (At this point you can add in sugar if you prefer sweet one.) Sieve it to get a smooth and silky texture.
3. Put aside. Not fridge for at least 6 hours or more to let the bacteria grow in it's warm bed. 
4. If you don't like runny yogurt, let it ferment inside the fridge until it reach your desire. If you prefer runny, there you go!

Put it aside.

I choose to use full cream milk.

tada!!! :P



  1. I like this post. need to try it out with your method! :D visit my blog when you are free too! :D



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