August 10, 2013

D' Sky Is Blue

The sky is blue, the clouds are white. Looking out through the window, it inspired me to make this cake. And yes, my friend's birthday is around the corner again.... it's quite fun  making them cake.. especially when they are my friends ♥ 

These pretty little rainbows are from "Famous Amos" outlet, which sell at RM5.90/100g. If not mistaken.

What a birthday surprise.....

and what a yummylicious cake!

Took this photo at the same place as I took my Yogurt, it's kinda pretty right, I mean the background. I would love green colour to appear in my photo. If I can!!

Isn't it lovely by adding green colour to your background... ? ^_^

Wishing you guys have a nice day! See ya!

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